ECE MEng Information Page

The MEng project is undertaken throughout the full calendar year and it is expected that progress will be made in the Autumn and Spring semesters, although the majority of the work will be undertaken in the Summer semester (June to August). The project is intended to give a student the chance to research and develop a topic in depth and to apply his/her theoretical knowledge to a practical situation. The student will learn to direct their own work, to be critical of their own methods, to conduct detailed analysis, to research and develop ideas, to implement and undertaken experiments, and to report their results and reasoning.

The MEng project is very important, not only because of the contribution to your QCA and final award, but also because External Examiners, and potential employers or research postgraduate supervisors, will often explore your project work in-depth. It is a significant component of your course that demonstrates your ability to synthesise relevant existing material in your chosen specialisation and to develop new ideas and new skills to realise the project.

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